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Work-Based Learning Software Features

Why choose TitanWBL?

Software designed by educators for educators

One of the key advantages of choosing TitanWBL is the real-world experience behind its creation. Our founder worked as a teacher, CTE Coordinator, and CTE Manager focused on work-based learning, meaning we've designed every feature of TitanWBL with a deep understanding of what CTE Departments and Work-Based Learning Coordinators truly need.

Streamlined Work-Based Learning

Seamlessly manage and monitor student experiences from initiation to completion, all in one integrated platform.

Data-Driven Decisions

Utilize intuitive dashboards and advanced analytics to harness the power of your data, guiding actionable improvements.

Empower Partnerships & Collaborations

Strengthen relationships with industry partners, manage advisory boards effectively, and ensure successful student placements with ease.

Record work-based learning experiences and link them to individual students, teachers, CTE pathways, and more.

Create personalized data dashboards to visualize key metrics and insights at a glance. Empower decision-makers with customizable views that highlight the impact and progress of work-based learning initiatives.

Delve into your data with an intuitive query builder and explorer, designed for comprehensive analysis. Uncover deep insights and patterns to inform strategic planning and improve program outcomes.

Strengthen relationships with your industry partners. Easily keep track of contacts and participation, all in one centralized platform.

Efficiently organize and manage advisory boards, facilitating meaningful collaboration between educators and industry experts. Schedule meetings, share documents, and track attendance with ease, ensuring advisory boards are effective and engaged.

Pre-populate data about your district to make WBL Experience tracking faster.

Automatically synchronize class rosters and student data with your Student Information System via Clever integration. Streamline data management, reduce manual entry, and ensure accuracy in student records.

Simplify the process of generating compliant work permits for students in California. Automate the creation of necessary documents, reducing administrative burden and ensuring legal compliance. (Sensitive student information is not stored on the server)

Easily define and manage user roles within your organization, allowing you to set customized permissions for different stakeholders. This ensures that each user has access only to the features and data they need.

Coordinate all elements of student internships, from placement to evaluations. Monitor progress and ensure alignment with educational goals.

Create, store, and share resources, guidelines, and instructional materials to support work-based learning initiatives.

Design and deploy custom forms and surveys to gather feedback, evaluate programs, and engage stakeholders. Collect valuable insights with ease, enhancing continuous improvement efforts.

Introducing Dual Enrollment Management in TitanWBL, a seamless solution designed to track and coordinate dual enrollment programs for districts. Effortlessly manage student enrollments, grades, course details, instructor assignments, and college partnerships, all in one intuitive platform.

Enhance your oversight of student engagement with TitanWBL’s Student Groups Management feature, designed not only to facilitate the organization of student groups but also to monitor their persistence and active participation over time. This innovative tool empowers educators to track the longevity and consistency of student involvement, ensuring sustained engagement and group success.

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Transform raw data into actionable insights

TitanWBL simplifies the complex world of CTE data management so you can focus on what truly matters: empowering your students and fortifying industry partnerships.